Youth are awesome!

Adolescence is a time of many changes but it is also one of the most important times in a person’s life. These years lay the groundwork for adulthood and can indeed be a fascinating time!

Youth are awkward? Well, yes but they are also

  • intense and have vibrant emotions
  • curious & adventurous
  • imaginative
  • hilarious and playful
  • have strong opinions
  • fiercely loyal

We are so honoured to be a part of this awesome time in their lives!

Youth camp should be awesome!

True North Youth Camp is the brainchild of The Mindful Camp.  We have seen our young campers transitioning into tweenagers/teengers over the years – witnessing them becoming more independent, emotional, intellectual and adventurous.  At the same time, they also lack the confidence as they navigate through the challenges of this new stage of life.

At True North Youth Camp we help our tweens/teens transition into confident, responsible and grounded young adults.

The Mindful Camp is known for its “fun-ness” (and sometimes “craziness”), we believe that youth learn best in an emotionally safe environment and through meaningful and fun activities. 

That’s what True North Youth Camp is all about! A camp full of friendships, laughter, fun, and activities.


Drawing from Acceptance & Commitment Therapy for Adolescents, some of the topics our 5-day camp will cover:

  • explore strategies to improve psychological flexibility, 
  • practice mindfulness 
  • recognise strengths
  • appreciate the authentic self
  • discover our values and commit to them

*Please note that this is not a group therapy or treatment program.  


5-day 2-night (overnight Wed & Thu)


Changi Cove / Glamping @ Heritage

Session Dates:

14-18 March,  4-8 April

$1,280.00 including all meals and 2 nights accommodations


Camp Leader / Trainer

Camp Leader / Trainer


Dawn is the founder of The Mindful Camp. She has a great passion working with children and youth. She is a clinical therapist with special interest working with adolescents and their families.
Dawn hopes to help youth navigate challenges of adolescence and at the same time tap into their enormous potential for growth. She is trained in group work and ACT for adolescents.