The Mindful Camp by The Open Centre

The Mindful Camp has been hosting fun, enriching and safe multi-activity camp experiences for thousands of happy campers ages 6 to 12 since 2013. Our wholistic approach to child development supports their break away from academics and screens; giving them the environment to connect with nature and new friends in a memorable week together. We believe in empowering our children to grow and thrive as confident, compassionate and responsible leaders. Using Mindfulness and Social-emotional Learning as a framework, The Mindful Camp works to provide a nurturing space to nourish each child in their heart, body and mind; in turn allowing imagination and joy to reign free for learning and growth.

Our motto: Mindful leaders, Happy campers

Open Positions


Job title: Camp Facilitator 

Reports to: Director and your running Camp Leader

Contract: Weekly Basis; Mar-Apr / Sep-Oct / Nov-Dec Camp Season (Flexible Opportunity to choose dates)

Based:  On-site at Camp Locations (camp prep and camp running)

Apply by:  Mar-Apr Season: By 28 February 2022


This ​portion illustrates what the role entails. We are in search of a new member to our team who is an energetic and driven team player.

We are in search of a nurturing mentor to our Mindful Campers; a patient, compassionate and adaptable adult who can not only empathise with our young ones but also provide them perspective at the same time.

  • Ensuring the safety and well-being of campers
  • Guiding and supervising children in day-to-day tasks and camp activities, including meals, cleanup and encouraging participation
  • Guiding and supervising children in a range of activities, including swimming, cycling, hiking, and other varied sports (you should be physically fit and preferably skilled in a range of activities exampled above to guide and bond during activities)
  • Conducting a programme each week (e.g., teaching an activity in the arts, sports and/or a craft)
  • Encouraging and supporting the campers in challenging tasks (e.g., learning a new craft)
  • Setting up and ensuring recreation equipment is secure and stored properly
  • Supporting the team in the preparation and cleanup of each activity, ensuring the smooth transition of campers
  • Following safety and emergency procedures and guidelines.​


  • 18 years old and above
  • O level/ Nitec/Diploma/Degree (required; related fields preferred)
  • Previous experience working with children (teaching, coaching or training capacities preferred)
  • Final Year University Students are welcome ​
  • Ability to commit during Camp Seasons (preferred)


  • Caring and passionate about working with children
  • Enthusiastic, positive, energetic, fun-loving
  • Team player with the desire to learn and lead
  • High level of responsibility and accountability
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Resourceful and versatile in taking on new tasks



Competitive, on a weekly basis


  • 1-Week Camp Facilitators training in preparation and prior to the start of each camp season. 

What you may gain from the role:

  • Experience in programme instruction (conducting in a class of up to 20 children)
  • Experience in child-care (well-being and safety)
  • Training in Mindfulness and better social-emotional skills

Please email with your resume, stating the position you are applying for, and how you align with the nature of the job.