The Giving Project


The Giving Project is a charity project created by The Open Centre. Its main goal is to facilitate creative opportunities for children to learn how they can provide supportive resources for individuals living with challenges.

For 2017/2018, The Giving Project will be running an art assignment to help raise funds for Touch*A*Life.  Touch*A*Life is an organisation based in Siem Reap, Cambodia, who provides free healthy lunches for children from families whose household income lies below the national’s poverty line. 

To find out more about the organisation and its mission, please visit:

For this art assignment to take shape, we wish to invite your child:

1)  to come by our studio to create a drawing (theme will be provided). A gathering of children’s artworks will serve as a pattern for a fabric product (kitchen towel – see sample below), that will aid in the fund-raising process.

2)  Prior to the art-making, we will be sharing the works of Touch*A*Life, the steps with which the organisation is taking to assist children from disadvantaged families, and what your child can do to help others.  

To participate in this project, a purchase of a minimum of 2 kitchen towels @ $15 each (great gift idea for Christmas!) is required.
Please choose one of the timings below and inform us by emailing us at 

1) 14 & 15 October, 10 – 10 45am

2) 21 & 22 October, 10 – 10 45am