The Open Centre’s Mindful Nest

Sample Time-Table

2.30-3.15pm SEL Circle Time (Check-in)
3.30-4.15pm Homework / *Self-directed Learning
4.30-5.30pm Creative Projects – Ask “Why” Time


SEL Circle Time (Check-in)

Using the framework of SEL, one competency will be taught each term.

  • Self-awareness (Term 1 2019)
  • Self-Management (Term 2 2019)
  • Social Awareness (Term 3 2019)
  • Relationship Management (Term 1 2020)
  • Responsible Decision Making (Term 2 2020)

Homework Time/Self-directed Learning

Homework, if any.


Self-Directed Learning

Objective – to encourage children to inquire, problem solve and be creative

Each child will have a folder at the beginning of the term. They will discuss and decide with their teacher and parents on what knowledge, skill he/she would like to pursue.

  • Work out at least 10 outcomes (targets) to achieve by end of term
  • Outline the processes, resources and systems that students need to master to be skilfully self-directed
  • Create infrastructure for self-direction, self-motivation and self-assessment. E.g. Portfolios, presentation, performance etc.

Creative Projects – Ask ‘Why’ Time