The number of projects we have to handle at work usually isn’t one, but many. Increasingly, we are required to multitask at work. However, multitasking comes with the lack of focus and a decline in productivity.

Having the resources to cope with such situations brings about a company of healthy employees, physically and mentally. Furthermore, every individual, whether troubled with problems or not, can benefit from mindfulness practices.

Sustaining excellence requires an advanced skill set for managing your most valuable resource: your mind.

Curious about mindfulness and interested in learning more? Want to learn effective strategies for reducing stress?

corporate mindfulness workshops

The Open Centre offers a two-hour to full-day corporate mindfulness workshops. It is an introduction to a powerful mental health practice that can help you cultivate a clear mind and a new way of relating to stress. It is a great opportunity to get a taste of mindfulness.

Mindfulness – the practice of open and non-judgmental awareness in the present moment – is to the mind what physical exercise is to the body: a way to stay fit, flexible and focused.

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