Children, like adults, must deal with life stressors such as academic pressure, peer pressure, family dysfunctions, illness, violence and death. Childhood does not shield them from these things, and they respond as most human beings do – by becoming sad, frightened, anxious or angry in varying degrees. When one of these or a component of these emotions reached a degree that interferes with their daily life, normal functions and their capacity to take pleasure, action should be considered.

    Having a trustworthy person for your child or teenager to talk to can be very beneficial as it provides them with a positive outlet to support their emotional wellbeing.

    We offer individual counselling to children & adolescents and take a collaborative approach by involving parents or guardians in the sessions where appropriate.

    We help children & adolescents deal with issues including:

    • Family-related issues including parents separation
    • Anxiety
    • Low self-esteem
    • Withdrawn behavior
    • Anger
    • Stress Management
    • Friendships
    • School-related problems

    Child & Adolescent Counselling – What to expect?

    Counselling children and adolescents requires age appropriate communication skills and a genuine approach. Depending on the child’s age, difficulties and his/her developments, different tools including drawing, movement, music and games or other mediums which he/she is comfortable in using to express him/herself. Adolescents may prefer talking therapy or a mixture of both.

    Regardless of the methods used, it does not involve making decision for the child, imposing beliefs on them or preaching. We believe in helping the child cope better with his/her feelings and emotions, developing a positive attitude to life and recognising his/her strength.
    Essential life skills such as establishing a positive sense of self-worth, confidence building, developing empathy, social interaction and communication with peer groups and adults, are areas that would be explored during therapy.

    Incorporating Mindfulness Practices in Therapy:

    Mindfulness practice is a technique that involves focusing on what is happening in the moment and being aware and accepting of emotions. We believe that the adolescents’ emerging cognitive capacities for abstract and critical thinking allow them to be proficient at understanding and applying mindfulness skills.

    Adolescents can benefit from increased emotional regulation, healthier relationships, and improved overall well-being from long-term mindfulness practice.

    Some of the Counselling Modalities/ Techniques We Employ:

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