Dear Mindful Campers,

We’re midways into the month of April and home-based learning, and we trust that you and your family members are making the best of this month together at home! Meanwhile, The Mindful Camp is rolling out weekly episodes of Camp Specials (subscribe to The Mindful Camp here!) and now, reaching out to connect with you:

An Invitation to Camp Live!

We want to get together with you and see your beautiful faces; we want to bring back some camp fun while at home, together! So, in the Mindful Camp spirit of making friends, enjoying nature, getting creative, learning new things and bonding with people-who-aren’t-just your own family members…

Come and join us on our Camp Live! Zoom sessions with teachers Dawn, Yiping, Nats and more! Your holiday dose of mindful games, song sessions, creative arts and sunshine… awaits!


The Mindful Camp Team

Saturday, 25th April | 10:00am – 11:30am

Register | Send us an email at with the Title: Camp Live! and let us know the names of your children who are joining!
Enter | We will let you know the Link and Password, as well as What to prepare for the session!

Taught by | The Mindful Camp Teachers!

If you have not seen our first episode of Camp Specials with Teacher Dawn, watch it here and give us a like! 🙂