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2-6 Apr 18 Greater Good Camp @ The Swiss Club

2018 Holiday Camps are now open for registration!

We offer an excellent opportunity to keep your child engaged in a camp focused on connection, self-awareness, self-expression and fun during the school holidays!

Adopting a holistic approach, the secret recipe of this fun camp is the mix of mindfulness practices, nature exploration, creative, physical & experiential activities, and heaps of fun!

Our camp activities are mindfully chosen to achieve learning objectives. Some of the activities – among many – include:

  • Creative arts
  • Pet therapy
  • Yoga
  • Horse grooming/riding
  • Field trip

Why enrol your child in our camp?

  • Held in a green and spacious environment
  • Take a break from technology
  • Fun-filled indoor and outdoor activities
  • A fun and relaxing getaway for your child
  • Learning essential life skills while having a blast!

What to expect:

  • Group activities – indoor and outdoor
  • Daily art project
  • Daily nature exploration
  • Daily mindfulness and concentration activities
  • Strategies for deep breathing and relaxation
  • Mindful movements – to calm the mind and strengthen the body
  • Games based around learning social-emotional skills

Through experiential learning and team activities, campers will develop skills to:

  • Understand and regulate their emotions
  • Build mindfulness skills (breathing techniques to calm and focus the mind)
  • Cultivate empathy (care and concern for others)
  • Establish solid and positive relationships
  • Handle challenging situations constructively
  • Achieve greater well-being

Designed for primary-school-age children (ages 6 to 12), our Mindfulness & Resilience Camp emphasizes social-emotional skills and secular mindfulness practices. Learn what mindfulness is about

Through modeling, group discussion, nature exploration and collaborative learning, campers practice how to successfully interact with grownups and peers, how to deal with peer-to-peer teasing and conflict, how to be a good friend, how to regulate emotions in a variety of situations, as well as learning why all of this is important to their happiness in life.

Our hope and intention is to create a culture of kindness and to foster an environment that is safe and welcoming for campers to express themselves creatively and authentically without judgement. For more inquiries, email us at info@theopencentre.com.sg.



(Fee includes lunch and snacks)


9.00am to 4.30pm daily

(Early drop-off from 8.30am & Late pick-up by 5.30pm)


The Open Centre

(unless otherwise stated)

New! Introducing our new themed camp “The Greater Good Camp”.

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Apr/May 2018

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2nd Apr – 6th Apr [OPEN]
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