2017 March/April Holiday Camp is now open for registration!

The Open Centre Resilience & Mindfulness Camps

The Open Centre Camp is about fun, connection, self-awareness, and self-expression! Here, children and adolescents get a real life learning experience to practice their skills through interactions with others and learn to problem solve.

Our camp is based on social-emotional learning and secular mindfulness practice drawn from various programmes, tailored to meet the needs of our children.

Drawing on a holistic approach, the ‘secret’ recipe of this fun camp is the pairing of mindfulness, creativity, nature, physical & experiential activities and heaps of fun!

Our camp activities are ‘mindfully’ chosen to attain learning objectives.  Some of the activities – among the many – include Creative Arts, Brazilian Capoeira, Yoga, Horse Grooming/Riding, Behind the scenes Zoo Visits, Terrarium Making, Pet Therapy and Fencing.

Why join our camp?

    • Held in a green and spacious environment
    • Fun-filled indoors and outdoors activities
    • Learn essential life skills while having a blast!

Through experiential learning and team activities, children will acquire the following skills: 

    • Understand and regulate one’s emotions
    • Cultivate empathy – care and concern for others
    • Establish solid and positive relationships
    • Handle challenging situations constructively
    • Improve concentration and focus
    • Greater wellbeing



(Fee includes lunch)

*Returning Campers get $50 off

*Early Bird Discount – $50 off when registered and paid by 8th May 2017 for May/Jun Camps, and 12th Jun 2017 for Jul/Aug Camps.


9.00am to 4.30pm daily


Please send completed registration form via email to

May/Jun ’17

29th May – 2nd Jun [OPEN]

5th Jun – 9th Jun [OPEN]

12th Jun – 16th Jun [OPEN]

19th Jun – 23rd Jun [OPEN]

Jul/Aug ’17

3rd Jul – 7th Jul [OPEN]

10th Jul – 14th Jul [OPEN]

17th Jul – 21st Jul [OPEN]

24th Jul – 28th Jul [OPEN]

3rd Aug – 7th Aug [OPEN]

Haze Management Measures

Our centre is ready to respond and take appropriate haze management measures based
on a set of guidelines corresponding to the health advisory.

Based on 3-hr PSI  –
Less than 100 : Outdoor activities as usual
100 – 150 : Limited outdoor activities
150 above : No outdoor activities (RainyDay/Haze programmes will be arranged)
300 above : Camp cancelled (Make-up session will be arranged)

Please be assured that our priority remains the children’s health.