Week of Vitamin-N!

The Mindful Camp presents Vitamin-N week!

Every child needs a healthy dose of vitamin “N”.

Join us this March/April for a week of nature exploration – outdoor picnic, sleepover and waking up at the break of dawn to conquer Bukit Timah Hill!

Today’s children have limited opportunities to connect with the natural environment. In his book, The Last Child in the Woods, Richard Louv called this phenomenon, ‘nature-deficit disorder’.

Yet we know that humans are instinctively drawn towards their natural surroundings. Children often prove this to be true.

Many studies agree that children who spend more time outdoor are less anxious, happier and more attentive. While it’s unclear how exactly the cognitive functioning and mood improvements occur, here are the few things we know why nature is good for our children:

Why nature is good for our children –

It builds confidence & creativity – nature play has less structure than indoor play
It teaches kindness & responsibility – taking care of the environment
It cultivates a sense of wonder – asking questions about earth and life

And my favourite –
it reduces stress and fatigue – while directed attention is necessary to do work and task, it can be exhausting. In natural environments, we practice a kind of effortless attention, soft fascination that creates feelings of pleasure.