Mindful Nest – a mindfulness & social-emotional learning after school programme


A nurturing environment that invites bold exploration and self-discovery


Empowered children growing as inquisitive and compassionate leaders


The Open Centre’s Mindful Nest is a lifeskills-based after school programme for our Primary School friends.

It is created to deliver what we do best and most passionately – teaching social-emotional skills in a mindful environment.

A space that embodies our philosophy for childhood development – where our children are active participants of their own learning and personal growth , where they learn to build healthy relationships at home and school, and where they cultivate creative confidence and become critical thinkers.

We encourage independence, responsible risk-taking, and curiosity that is inherent to a child’s nature.

The Mindful Nest is developed with the purpose of supporting the community and environments essential to a child’s growth; working to help them in developing emotional fluency and competence in social relationships, becoming inquisitive and compassionate leaders of the world.

Mindfulness & Social-Emotional Learning 

Mindfulness and Social-emotional learning are the foundations of our values and vision.

SEL & Mindfulness is not a programme or method, but rather coordinating framework embedded into our centre’s values and culture.

SEL & Mindfulness practice will be featured in each day’s activity, and serves to provide a safe welcoming environment for everyone. 

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