An Alternate Learning Space – Coming 2019!

Do you know that 65 per cent of young school children will end up in jobs that don’t even exist today?*

In this Fourth Industrial Revolution, the world is changing faster than ever in human history – not only the way we live and work, but also the way we relate to one another.

What is certain, is that the world needs individuals with new skill sets to keep up with the fast-paced changes. Critical thinking and complex problem-solving skills, creativity and emotional intelligence are some of them.

Our Activity Centre for kids will focus on helping children cultivate creative confidence and learn essential life-skills. We encourage independence, responsible risk taking and a sense of curiosity in learning and living.

We facilitate their growth by traveling alongside them.


*according to the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) The Future of Jobs


Our holistic curriculum will be based on these pillars:
  • Social-Emotional Learning
  • Creative expression – craft, theatre, dance
  • Language – current affairs, geography, culture…
  • Sports – healthy body, healthy mind
  • Free Play/Outdoor trips – All mammals engage in play. (The evolutionary purpose of play is to allow children to learn how to get along with others as well as to tackle and solve real problems.)

Morning sessions
9 AM – 12:30 PM
4 to 6 Year-olds
Up to 3 times a week

Afternoon sessions
2 PM – 5 PM
7 to 12 Year-olds
Up to 2 times a week

For more information, write to us at