Frequently Asked Questions

Is transportation provided?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide transportation due to the small camp size. However, we provide early drop-off and late pick-up service at no extra charge.

Parents may drop off their children at 8.30am and pick up latest by 5.30pm. Please note that outside of camp hours, our camper–facilitator ratio may not be maintained.

What is the age group for the camp?

Our happy campers range from 6 to 12 years of age.

What are the camp hours?

Camp starts at 9am and ends at 4.30pm.

What will our children need to bring for the camp?

We will send you a Camp Pack with all the information about what your child needs to bring 1 week before camp starts.

What is the camp size?

Camp size varies from 12 to 20 campers.

What is the camper to facilitator ratio?

We maintain a ratio of 5 campers to 1 facilitator during camp hours.

Who are your camp facilitators/co-facilitators?

The main camp facilitator is Dawn, the founder of The Open Centre and the creator of this happy camp! Dawn holds a master in counselling and has received extensive training at The Center for Mindfulness (CFM), University of Massachusetts Medical School, in the United States and is recognised as having met the full professional teaching standards of CFM. She is also trained and qualified to teach a range of mindfulness programmes under the Mindfulness in Schools Project (.b, Paws b and .b Foundations).

Juliana is a yoga teacher with more than 10 years of experience working with children. She is a happy soul who practices mindfulness and is one of our camp facilitators.

Pixin is an art-maker and registered art therapist born and raised in Singapore. Pix graduated with a first class honours in Painting, Fine Arts from the LASALLE College of the Arts in 2004 and spent the next decade facilitating art workshops for children and adults in Singapore and overseas. This led to her interest in utilizing art-making processes as means of healing and growth, which led to her attainment of a Masters in Art Therapy from LASALLE College of the Arts in 2016. In her art workshops with children, Pixin places a focus on play, as she sees the vital role of how play in art encourages young minds to express themselves authentically through creative art processes.

Our co-facilitators are employees of the company and work with us throughout the year to ensure they are familiar with the camp’s culture and values. They are not hired on an ad-hoc basis. These co-facilitators are university graduates or students in at least their 3rd year majoring in psychology or social science. They are at least 21 years old.

Every facilitator and co-facilitator undergoes curriculum and camp training, covering topics such as safety issues, counselling, conflict resolution and teaching skills.

Will snacks and lunch be provided?

Healthy wholesome lunch is served every day. Our provided lunches are mainly catered from The New Luncher, featuring Western and Asian dishes.

Snacks such as cookies, fruits and sandwiches are provided twice a day.

My child has special dietary requirements – how do you accommodate his/her diet?

We try our best to meet the needs of campers with special diets. We can provide vegetarian and halal meals (please indicate your requirements on the registration form). However, we do not have the resources to cater to campers who require a gluten-free or vegan diet, or those with food allergies. Parents may pack food for their children if they have such needs.

What happens if my child falls ill or is injured at camp?

Our camp has guidelines for treating sick or injured campers. Camp facilitators will attend and care for the child first, and notify the parents in the event of illness or injury. If we feel it is necessary for the camper to receive professional medical treatment, we will send him/her to the nearest clinic (about 100 metres from our centre).

What happens in the event of haze?

Our centre is ready to respond and take appropriate haze-management measures based
on a set of guidelines corresponding to the health advisory.

The following policies will be followed based on 3-hour PSI readings:
Less than 100: Outdoor activities as usual
100–150: Limited outdoor activities
Above 150: No outdoor activities (rainy day/haze programmes will be arranged)
Above 300: Camp cancelled (make-up session will be arranged)

Please be assured that your child’s health is our priority.