Together we can get through this!

Dear campers,

More than ever, this is a time for us to stay united and support Singapore in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

Please stay home. Let’s do our part in observing safe distancing. This is a great bonding time with mum and dad at home! We will be posting Youtube videos so you can still see our faces and stay connected with us 🙂

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our parents for their support and kindness during these challenging times. Please click here for our online support sessions via Zoom (parents only).

We will miss the children and look forward to having super-duper fun camps with them in the very near future.

Stay safe and stay supportive.

The Mindful Camp Team


The Open Centre Online Sit

Online Sit –

8th April theme : The pandemic has changed our world, it’s O.K to grieve. 

Together we can overcome.

Yes, the Coronavirus has affected every one of us. We are all struggling with loss in some way and it’s normal to feel anxious and even depressed. 

I invite you to join me for a short sit every week, to offer support to each other and calm our worries, so that we can better care for ourself and others.

This online weekly sit is offered free of charge to all –  whether you are new to meditation or have an established mindfulness practice.

Over the course of a 40-minute session, a teaching is offered, followed by meditation (the “sit,” silent or guided) and optional group sharing.

The session is held every Wednesday, 9:30pm – 10:10pm. Use the link below to register and you will receive a Zoom link via email.

*You don’t need a Zoom account to join the meeting.

Register Here

Day of Mindfulness – Silent Retreat

Day of Mindfulness –

Join like-minded individuals to sustain and deepen your mindfulness practices

Join us this Sunday, 15 March, from 10am to 4pm at the Swiss Club for a Day of Mindfulness.

This event is free and is open to all graduates of MBSR/MBCT , other 8-week Mindfulness Programs or anyone with a mindfulness practice.

Please note that this is not a workshop – participants are expected to be familiar with sitting/walking meditations.

Please bring your own lunch, yoga mat and cushion (optional).

The retreat has limited capacity and is offered free of charge as a form of generosity. Please be mindful and only register if you are ready to commit to the entire retreat. Do cancel your spot at least 48 hours before if you unable to attend.

To reserve a spot.


March Holidays are around the corner!

Decluttered, sanitised and alert:

We’ve got it together for Spring Camps 2020 – JOIN US!


We’re well into Spring of 2020 and so many has happened in the year already – it almost feels like we’ve been at it for a while! This year, our camps begin with the first holiday in March – and we would love for you to join us!

With the advent of the Coronavirus, our team has run through the steps of making sure our space is clean and maintains hygiene to accommodate our children, parents and teachers together. Our homely abode has been decluttered, after the last camp in December, to make physical space for a more figurative one in fun, creative imagination and really, peace of mind.

You know it, in short, we really Marie Kondo-ed it all and cleaned away the last piece of dust from 2019.

During this time, what we need is rest – to stay alert and carry out the advice of the right sources in the World Health Organisation and the Minitry of Health, amid misinformation.

Also, what helps build ours and our children’s immune systems is an active, healthy lifestyle. Get outdoors and under the sun, while practising good hygiene.

This is what we will be doing this March camp – practise good hygiene, stay alert and MORE OUTDOOR FUN!

The Resilient Child programme for children in March

The 8-week programme for Social-Emotional Skills is back for another run! The Resilient Child is an 8-session programme based on Social-Emotional and Mindfulness skills, adapted specially to the local context, for children who live, grow and study here in Singapore. Learn more about the children’s programme here:

Our wonky cousin, Studio Why Not goes to Swiss Club!

Monthly Themed Workshops Studio Why Not is partnering with Swiss Club Singapore to continue their creative art-making! Just crossing our 4 year-mark now, Studio Why Not is the creative arm of our camps, dedicated to facilitating our children’s unique spirts and authentic voices through art-making. Kickstarting our new journey is Chinese New Year themed workshop where we […]