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The Resilient Child programme for children in March

The 8-week programme for Social-Emotional Skills is back for another run! The Resilient Child is an 8-session programme based on Social-Emotional and Mindfulness skills, adapted specially to the local context, for children who live, grow and study here in Singapore. Learn more about the children’s programme here: http://theopencentre.com.sg/theresilientchild/

Our wonky cousin, Studio Why Not goes to Swiss Club!

Monthly Themed Workshops Studio Why Not is partnering with Swiss Club Singapore to continue their creative art-making! Just crossing our 4 year-mark now, Studio Why Not is the creative arm of our camps, dedicated to facilitating our children’s unique spirts and authentic voices through art-making. Kickstarting our new journey is Chinese New Year themed workshop where we […]


NEW! We are excited to launch a special themed camp – The Greater Good Camp during this Mar/Apr school holidays! A mindfulness camp centred on cultivating important values of empathy, responsibility, true connection and shared belonging in our children; to realise the power of an individual in a global community. Through this experience, we hope to empower […]

The Giving Project

  The Giving Project is a charity project created by The Open Centre. Its main goal is to facilitate creative opportunities for children to learn how they can provide supportive resources for individuals living with challenges. For 2017/2018, The Giving Project will be running an art assignment to help raise funds for Touch*A*Life.  Touch*A*Life is an organisation based in Siem Reap, […]

Four Lessons from “Inside Out” to Discuss With Your Child

In the movie “Inside Out”, there are many meaningful lessons embedded within which are very relevant and align with the Social & Emotional learning and Mindfulness practices that the children have learned in our programmes: – It’s normal to feel a myriad of emotions, and that all emotions are OK. -To be mindful and aware […]

Resilience and Mindfulness Programme

The Open Centre offers a 10-session 
Resilience & Mindfulness programme based on Social and Emotional Learning and Mindfulness courses, adapted specially to suit 
our local children’s needs. Using striking visuals, film clips and activities, we present these life skills to children in a fun and engaging way. The Director of The Open Centre, Dawn Sim is a member […]

5 Day Resilience & Mindfulness Camp 2014

We have just completed 3 runs of our Resilience & Mindfulness Camp this November/December holiday. The children spent about 2 – 3 hours of classroom time each day where they engaged in experiential learning with lots of activities and group sharing. Some of the skills they took away from this camp were – Breathing techniques, effective listening, relationship skills (maintaining […]